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Welcome to SafeGaard - your health and safety portal!Warning Signs

This site has been set up to bring together a lot of useful health and safety information and present it in a clear and easy fashion. The world of health and safety is so vast these days that we can’t hope to include every bit of information you will need but we will hopefully provide you with enough to get you started and keep your business safe.

Whether it's a small or large business, safety always needs to come first.  Companies need to have the work area secure and safe whilst keeping in mind national regulations.  Even if it appears to be a fairly risk-free work environment, nobody can truly predict all the potential risks which may emerge. A full risk assessment should be undertaken and developing a detailed plan to deal with any mishap is definitely a clever strategy for a safe workplace.

As a starting point staff must all be aware of and apply basic safety. An example is fire drills, as they are easy to practice and have building users prepared in the event of an emergency. Even before drills, individuals should be made aware of where the exit routes are and these should be properly signed.

Figuring out hazards requires acquiring suggestions from everybody.  For individuals that are looking for the safest work setting for everyone, noting risks and reporting them is crucial, everybody could benefit if everybody helps in making the work area safer. Not everybody will come forward with any problems they perceive, so prior to laying out any plans it is smart to ask workers as to what they believe the hazards in their environment are.  Individuals who are working with machines are most likely to have seen things which need proper care that could easily be missed be supervisors.

Risks are all probable occurrences that need preparation and it isn't easy to bring up if workers do not face it personally but managing risks involves action and effort and it becomes beneficial in the long run. Health and safety applied in every workplace whether it’s in the office, an industrial plant, on the road or at home.

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