What Security Is Necessary to Keep your Business and Staff Safe

Security is undoubtedly a real concern for many people that run a business. Regardless of whether it is a large or small company, it is important that all your staff and physical assets are kept safe and secure by appropriate security measures. Choosing the appropriate security measures depends upon the specific needs the business.

CCTV Camera Pretty much all businesses including small businesses should start with an electronic security alarm. These can consist of simple motion detectors and sensors on doors and windows that when triggered set off an alarm. Some systems set off an audible alarm that will discourage criminals and alert others to a problem, other systems set off a silent alarm that passes directly to security personnel without alerting the intruder.

Another option is to use CCTV/surveillance cameras. CCTV systems are more commonly used in businesses with goods of a more sensitive nature and the retail industry where theft of stock is a real threat. Video cameras can be monitored by a security organization or agent, although typically they deliver footage to a digital recorder which stores it ready for inspection if it's required. Recorded video footage can provide essential evidence in the event of criminal activity.

Security GuardMany larger organisations, such as shopping centres and large industrial plants and high end retail stores such as jewellery shops and expensive fashion boutiques benefit from using a combination CCTV systems and security guards. Security guards are especially helpful in these cases as they can patrol and keep a look out for unauthorised people in sensitive places or in the case of retail, watch over customers to protect the store and stock from shoplifters. When used in combination with CCTV you can have constant communication links between the security staff monitoring the CCTV and the security guards out patrolling, this way you have a visible presence to help deter any would be criminals but also have the back up of a watchful eye above. Upon a crime being spotted, security guards are usually the primary line of protection to stop any thieves or vandals and the rate of successful convictions to these crimes tends to be higher when the efforts of your security guards are used in conjunction with video footage taken by your security cameras.

If you decide to employ some security guards it is advisable to hire them through a security firm as they need to be properly trained and certified, we recommend that you should hiresecurity guards from a company that is SIA approved. The SIA are the Security Industry Authority who are the regulators governing private security companies.

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